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STC ST01674AT): A. The cargo compartment smoke detector and fire suppression system must be verified to be serviced and operational before cargo can be carried in the cargo compartments. B. The aircraft must land at the nearest suitable airport within 60 minutes after the activation of the suppression system. Operating Parameters 1. Lavatory fire extinguishing: If evidence of overtemperature as indicated by black placard dot(s) or nozzle discharge (nozzle tip turns aluminum color), maintenance action required.

5. The autoland capability may only be used with flaps 30 and 40 with both engines operative. BCD Sec. 1 Page 8 Rev. 11/15/02 #41 6. Continental 737 Flight Manual Allowable winds for autoland: • Headwind - 20 knots • Tailwind - 10 knots • Crosswind - 15 knots Operating Parameters 1. For instrument approaches without electronic glideslope, the autopilot must be disengaged before descending more than 50 ft. below DA/DDA/MDA. 2. The Autoland System should not be used for overweight landings. 3. In the dual autopilot mode, the B737 incorporates a Fail – Passive Automatic Flight Control System.

Contact SOCC: IF SOCC will coordinate with appropriate agencies to determine if the substance poses a credible threat. SOCC determines that the substance does pose a credible threat: Cover the material with the wipes and the plastic gown found in the onboard Universal Precaution Kit (UPK). If the UPK is not available, use a wet blanket to prevent airborne spreading of the material. IF OR IF On The Ground: Follow SOCC guidance. Inflight: Consideration should be given to landing as soon as practical based on analysis of the situation and coordination with SOCC.

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737-300 flight manual by Boeing Commercial Airplane Company.; Continental Airlines

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