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Hier werden Ihnen keine reinen Wissensfragen gestellt, sondern spezielle Fälle mit Lösungen angeboten. Auf diese Weise wird vor allem Ihre Fähigkeit trainiert, Ihr erlerntes Wissen konkret anzuwenden. Damit hilft Ihnen das Werk, Ihren Prüfungserfolg zu sichern und den Anforderungen des Berufsalltags gleichermaßen gerecht zu werden.

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Hold 10,000’ don’t go below, slowly increase pitch angle until stickshaker/buffet. Apply max thrust, roll the wings level if required, be gentle with the control inputs. Be aware of the nose pitching up caused by rapid thrust increase which may result in a secondary stall. FL310 • High speed buffet • High altitude stall (trying to climb over weather) Disengage A/T via the thrust levers. Observe no A/T or AFDS protection. Observe changes on the FMA. Pitch attitude about 5 degrees. Altitude loss occur, the amount is dependent on current altitude, aircraft weight and the desired acceleration rate during recovery.

It is then practised in the next session during the loft component. Sessions 5 to 7 have only one component and that is a four-hour LOFT period. Building on the skills learned in the first 4 periods, more complicated exercises are introduced. As well as learning skills that are type-specific to the B767 emphasis is placed on CRM2. 1 FFS Lesson Plans Introduction B 767 Training Manual Crew co-ordination is an integral part of the two-men cockpit in both normal and non normal operations. It is imperative under all work load conditions both pilots work together as a team.

It is imperative under all work load conditions both pilots work together as a team. The flight path of the aircraft is monitored at all times. The basic role of the Captain is to provide LEADERSHIP and the basic role of the Copilot is to provide SUPPORT. When the Captain is PNF he must provide all duties that is required of a PNF as well as maintaining situational awareness and providing leadership. It is recommended during sessions 5 to 7 that the instructor plays a passive role, so as to allow the trainees to cultivate the above skills.

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