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By R. David, Anthony E. David

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Very important ancient and cultural figures in addition to a few famous contributors in Egypt's lengthy background (c 3100 BC - c advert six hundred) are included during this paintings of reference. Rulers and individuals in their households, major figures and critical foreigners with whom the Egyptians got here into touch are all incorporated. The entries are according to unique resource fabric and there are bibliographies for every access.

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He appears in the Bible as the Pharaoh ‘Hophra’, although the extent of his support and involvement against *Nebuchadrezzar’s forces is uncertain. However, it was another expedition which brought about his own downfall. A large and prosperous colony of *Greeks had been established at Cyrene on the North African coast and this caused considerable resentment amongst the local *Libyan population. In 570 BC, a *Libyan chief, Adicran, asked for Apries’ help and protection, and the king sent an army which was resoundingly defeated.

The Hittites. Harmondsworth: 1964, pp 46–58. Akhenaten (Amenophis IV) King 1379–1362 BC. The son of *Amenophis III and *Tiye, Amenophis IV changed his name to Akhenaten (probably meaning ‘Servant of the Aten’) in Year 5 of his reign, thus indicating his allegiance to the Aten, the creator-god who was symbolised by the sun’s disc. *Tuthmosis IV had begun to elevate the Aten many years before and, under *Amenophis III, the god was given special honours. Akhenaten’s unique contribution was to ensure that the Aten’s cult approached a form of monotheism; the god was regarded as unique and omnipotent, a universal, supreme and loving deity who was symbolised by the life-giving sun.

Herodotus, The Histories. Bk. ii, 104; Ghalioungui, P. Magic and medicine in ancient Egypt. London: 1963 pp. 96–8. 50 BC. One of Egypt’s most enduring forms of literature was the Instruction in Wisdom or Wisdom Text. Even in later times new texts were composed and Papyrus British Museum 10508 has been dated by the handwriting of the text to the late Ptolemaic period, although it may have been composed earlier; a firm date has not yet been established for it. The papyrus was acquired by the British Museum in 1896.

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