Accidentally the Sheikh's Wife by Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki PDF

By Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

ISBN-10: 0373176449

ISBN-13: 9780373176441

For Bethanne Saunders, flying Sheikh Rashid al Harum's inner most aircraft has its perks. whilst her toes contact the floor it really is at the plush carpet of his luxurious palace. And simply being close to wonderful Rashid makes her consider on cloud nine!Bethanne has all of the luxurious she will be able to handle--until without warning she's promoted to princess! however the mind-blowing rock on her finger is a stark reminder that it is a handy engagement. we all know sheikhs do not fall for usual women from Texas....

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I know you were hesitant about this arrangement, but it’ll work out for the best for all. ” “Ah, I believe you misunderstood me, Mother,” he said. The charade started now. “Haile had other plans. My guest is Bethanne Sanders. ” When concocting a magnificent lie, it was best to stick as close to the truth as possible. ” He heard the bewilderment in her tone. “I will be happy to bring Bethanne to meet you tomorrow. For tonight, we wish to be together. ” “But Haile? ” “I’ll explain when we meet,” he said.

He didn’t look like he was taking all the air in the car, but she felt breathless. Gazing out the window, she tried to quell her riotous emotions. She could reach out and touch him—had she the right? Clenching her hands into fists, she refused to give way to the clamoring attention his presence demanded. He thought her father was a thief. How dare he! She had best remember this was only a game of pretense while he went after that oil deal. For her part, he agreed to help her find her father. It would be worth it in the end as long as she kept her head.

If they think you and I are making a match, that’s their problem. After a few weeks, you leave. By then, I’ll have the contract finalized and who cares what the rumormongers say. ” “I don’t see how that would work at all. ” She had never been in love. Had dreamed about finding that special man, one who had likes and interests similar to her own. Never in a million years could she envision herself having anything in common with a sheikh. But there was that pull of attraction that surprised her. She couldn’t fall for a stranger.

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Accidentally the Sheikh's Wife by Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

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