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By Chris Ware

The penultimate teenager factor of the ACME Novelty Library appears this fall with a brand new bankruptcy from the electrifying experimental narrative "Rusty Brown," which examines the existence, paintings, and instructing recommendations of 1 of its primary real-life protagonists, W. ok. Brown. A formerly marginal determine on this planet of speculative fiction, Brown's broadly anthologized first tale, "The Seeing Eye canines of Mars," garnered him fast acclaim and the coveted White Dwarf Award for most sensible New author whilst it first seemed within the pages of Nebulous in the overdue Fifties, yet his big name was once fast eclipsed by way of the increase of such abilities as Anton Jones, J. Sterling Imbroglio, and others of the so-called psychovisionary stream. (Modern scholarship concedes, in spite of the fact that, that they now owe a now not inconsequential aesthetic debt to Brown.) New surprises and discoveries in regards to the now legendarily reclusive and more and more influential author mark this 19th variety of the ACME Novelty Library, itself a customary award-winning periodical, lauded for its transparent lettering and agreeable coloring, which, as any cultured reader understands, are cornerstones of any certainly severe literary attempt. complete colour, seventy-eight pages, with hardbound covers, complete indicia, and glue, the ACME Novelty Library offers its readers a lovely, if no longer exciting, rocket trip into the realm of unkempt mind's eye and pulse-pounding excitement.

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