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Upon closer examination, the failure surface contained tall, narrow ridges of wood fragments that pulled out of the opposing adherend with regions of exposed adhesive in-between. The laserscan instrument was sensitive enough to detect these narrow adhesive regions, which may not have been readily apparent in visual observations. Specimen 3 (Fig. 2) was also a problematic surface to evaluate visually even though the regions of adhesive and wood failure were more obvious than those of specimen 2.

The adhesive behaves elastically for as long as Au is linear and inelastically when Au deviates from a linear trend. The yield strength is taken as the stress at the point where the value of the SED increment deviates from a linear trend. As an example, the test procedure is described below for the FM 300K ~ecimen 11-12, which was tested in an environment of 15 % RI-I/-15~ and at a strain rate of 10 /s: 1. Performed a tensile test in accordance with the ASTM Standards D 638 for plastics, D 882 for thin plastic sheeting, and E 8 for metals.

2 %. 2 % offset is reasonable for metals. Adhesives Unlike those of most structural steels, the stress-strain curves of 27 adhesives reported by Albrecht et al. [1-3] exhibited, without exception, a continuous transition from the elastic to the plastic region. None of the adhesives had the discontinued yield plateau that is characteristic o f most structural steels. Because adhesives do not have upper and lower yield strengths, previous investigators determined the yield strength with the offset method.

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