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By N. M. Chuong, P. G. Ciarlet, P. Lax

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This quantity collects articles in natural and utilized research, partial differential equations, geometric research and stochastic and infinite-dimensional research. particularly, the members speak about essential and pseudo-differential operators, which play a tremendous function in partial differential equations. different tools of fixing the partial differential equations are thought of, reminiscent of the min-max method of variational difficulties and boundary worth difficulties. the principles of quantum mechanics from the viewpoints of infinite-dimensional areas and Bell's inequality and contraction also are pointed out.

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6. A Linear Non-classical Pseudodifferential Boundary Value Problem We study now the following non-classical pseudodifferential boundary value problem Au = f(x) i n R B j u = Bj(D,u) = g j o n d R , j = 1 , 2 , . . , s (22) (23) where A, Bj are of order 2s, mj respectively in the problem (17)-(18), D, is a vector field that can be tangent to dR on a smooth manifold ro c 80 of dimension ( n - 2) and not tangent to ro. We use here the classification of ro given in Ref. 10. For the reader's convenience let us recall shortly this classification.

14, (AMS, 1966). 18. G. 0. Okikiolu, Aspects of the theory of bounded integral operators in L p spaces, (Academic Press, 1971). 19. Le Quang Trung, Uspekhi. Mat. Nauk 44, 169 (1989). Advances in Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis Eds. N. M. Chuong et al. (pp. 33-42) @ 2007 World Scientific Publishing Co. 33 $3. SINGULAR INTEGRAL OPERATORS IN FUNCTIONAL SPACES OF MORREY TYPE LUBOMIRA SOFTOVA Postal address: Politecnico d i Bari Dipartimento d i Matematica Via E. it Keywords: Generalized Morrey spaces, Singular integrals, Commutators, Calder6n-Zygmund kernel, B M O , V M O .

As zero outside R. One more necessary extension preserving t h e norm is t h a t of a in BMO(Rn) and we have it according t o the results of Jones’l and Acquistapacel (see Ref. 6 for details). 1 is the “good behavior” of t h e commutator for VMO functions a. Thus using t h e ideas in Ref. 2. Suppose a E V M O with VMO-modulus y a . Then, for each E > 0 there exists ro = TO(&, y a ) > 0 such that f o r any e E (0, ro) and any ellipsoid &, of radius e holds IICb, kIfllp,w;E, I CEllfllp,w;E,. (14) References 1.

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