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By Silvio Garattini

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A. Abstracts of Published Literature . . . . . B. Descriptionsof Current Cancer Research Projects . . C. Outlines of Clinical Cancer Protocols . . . . ICRDB Data Bases for Cancer Researchers . . . . I. Introduction 11. Collection of Data 111. . . . . . . . . . . . IV. Searching of Cancer Data Bases and Indexing of Biomedical Information V. Publications Used to Disseminate Cancer-Related Information Automatically . . . . . . .

8. 7. tetrahydrofolate (THF) (see Fig . 1): DHF + NADPH + H+ THF + NADP (1) THF is a coenzyme in a number of 1-carbon transfer reactions (Rader and 37 Copyright 0 1980 by Academic Press. Inc . All rights of reproduction in any form rtsCNed . ISBN 0-12-032917-4 38 JILL E. 45): HCHO THF (serine hydroxymethyltransferase) ; r 5,lO-methylene THF / \ J DHF The reaction producing thymidylate is unique among those involving the THF coenzymes because here THF is used not only as a source of a l-carbon fragment but also as a reductant and hence is used in substrate rather than coenzyme amounts: THF must be regenerated via the DHFR-catalyzed reaction in order to maintain the cellular pool of THF derivatives.

Government, many of the protocols are easily available within the National Cancer Institute. Others are collected throughout Europe and other countries by the European Organization for Research on the Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). 111. ” There are three cancer data bases: 1. CANCERLIT which contains abstracts of about 200,000 cancer-related articles, meeting abstracts, and other publications; 2. CANCERPROJ which contains descriptions of some 20,000 current cancer research projects; and 3. CLINPROT which has detailed outlines of nearly 2000 experimental clinical protocols currently being tested for treatment of a wide variety of human cancers.

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