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He looked at Jack properly for what seemed the first time. He frowned. ‘Your clothes are a bit – noticeable. ’ Jack looked down at his blue check shirt and shorts, the brown lace-up shoes on his feet. ’ Fitz’s clothes looked more ‘noticeable’ – in fact they were rather shopworn. ’ He grinned, and pulled open the wardrobe. ‘Come on, Jack. It’s time to join the age of cool. ’ Jack frowned. What was a tea shirt? Jumpsville looked different in the morning light. Bigger, for a start. The concrete hotels went on for block after block, the roads were busy with tourists wearing crazy bright shirts and shorts.

He didn’t want too much attention – a few people were already staring. Next the police would arrive. ’ The woman laughed. ’ She stared Fitz in the face. ‘I’d still like to know how you know my name. ’ ‘Uhh – you’re my best friend? ’ The way she said his name gave Jack a weird feeling. ’ bawled Fitz. He started to run after her. Lots of people were looking now. Jack raced after Fitz, grabbed his arm. Thankfully, he stopped. ‘Fitz, we need to think about this. ’ Fitz glanced down at him. ’ ‘It was the way she said my name.

The hand moved away from his mouth, the gun was gone from his neck. ’ The stranger’s voice was no longer muffled. Jack stood, but was surprised to find that his legs would hardly hold him. He couldn’t stop shaking. The stranger took his arm. He was wearing silver leather and a silver helmet, more like an astronaut than a motorcyclist. The visor was raised, showing a pale face which, after a moment’s confusion, Jack recognised as belonging to the tour guide from the hotel. ‘I’m Fitz, by the way,’ said the guide.

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Akira Vol. 1, No. 3 by Katsuhiro Otomo

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