Download e-book for kindle: Alchemist of the avant-garde : the case of Marcel Duchamp by Duchamp, Marcel; Moffitt, John Francis; Duchamp, Marcel

By Duchamp, Marcel; Moffitt, John Francis; Duchamp, Marcel

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A desirable booklet demonstrating the effect of alchemy and esoteric traditions at the mature artwork of Marcel Duchamp

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Instead, there are states and changes of state. Since this is how journeys occur, nearnesses are clearly similarities, and distances dissimilarities, in the state of more inward elements. . 36 Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell represents quintessential postmedieval esotericism in that it incorporates many of the themes and motifs that appear repeatedly in modern esoteric and art-theoretical texts. The basic occultist pattern endlessly repeats itself, regardless of explicit function, supposed doctrinal differences, or dates of publication.

In this sense, the move towards pure abstraction signals a preference for signs over 16 ALCHEMIST OF THE AVANT-GARDE physical perceptions, and amorphous psychic moods (Stimmungen in Kandinsky’s terminology) over the banal facts of direct observation. For this further development, again Denis is an eloquent spokesman; as he wrote in 1909, “emotions or spiritual states, caused by any spectacle, bring to the imagination of the artists symbols, or the plastic equivalents. ” According to the considered conclusion of Maurice Denis, “thus nature can be, for the artist, only a state of his own subjectivity.

The historical situation of the Esoteric Tradition visibly infected all levels of Occidental modernism. The late James Webb (1946–1980) was the most accomplished historian of the Esoteric Tradition and the author of a monumental study collectively called The Age of the Irrational. As he repeatedly emphasized, Occultism has always been of particular interest to the modern artist. ” Webb concluded, Another group which proclaimed itself “elect” was that of the Artists. . Because of the juxtaposition of Occultist and Artist in Bohemia, occult teaching became the source to which the priests of this, one of the several secular religions, most easily turned.

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Alchemist of the avant-garde : the case of Marcel Duchamp by Duchamp, Marcel; Moffitt, John Francis; Duchamp, Marcel

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