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Indd 63 7/2/10 1:55:27 PM Here we are, this should help. The town was founded in the 1700s by a colony of the early Moravians, a religious sect akin to Protestants that originated in Germany. But, since very few records were kept in those days, there’s not much more about them that I can tell you. indd 64 7/2/10 1:55:27 PM Aren’t there any other records about the founders? Not really, but we do have some other books you can look at. The earliest records were down in the record room, but most of them have been destroyed.

Indd 35 7/2/10 1:55:22 PM *gasp* What the...? indd 36 7/2/10 1:55:23 PM You’re... Brenda... what have they done to you? my god, you’re Brenda, from my school. indd 37 7/2/10 1:55:23 PM Oh, Vincent, stop scaring me like that! thmp AHHH! indd 38 7/2/10 1:55:23 PM CLICK LET ME OUT! YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE! I think you’ll find I can do whatever I want. indd 39 Brenda! I know it’s you under that face! How can you do this to me? 7/2/10 1:55:23 PM I found the things you saved from your old life... I’m Dinah!

Pulled apart! my eyes... I’ll have you dropped from the highest... indd 47 7/2/10 1:55:24 PM *sniff* They just never let up on me, Di. What did I do to make them hate me? Those popular girls... I must have done something long ago. Some people are just like that, Brenda. They just hate what’s different. Don’t let them bully you. you don’t deserve it. You’re better than them. indd 48 7/2/10 1:55:25 PM CRU NCH My glasses! how was I better than them? I was a coward. I never stood up to them. Not once.

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