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By Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 0756402166

ISBN-13: 9780756402167

In the second one novel in nationwide best-selling legend Mercedes Lackey's richly-conceived new Joust sequence, the dragonrider Vetch escapes to Alta, the subjugated land of his birth.  There, he hopes to educate his humans to elevate and teach dragons-and construct a military that would unlock his homeland.

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I wish I could go with you, but this is how it is. Your aunt will see you get to the Imperial City. ” “What‟s happening, Taig? ” “It doesn‟t matter,” he said. ” She brushed his hand from her shoulder. “I‟m not going to Leyawiin,” she said. ” “Glim …” He exhaled, then his face changed into a visage utterly alien to her. “Don‟t worry about Glim,” he said. ” She could hear the panic building in her voice. It was as if it had pulled itself outside of her and become a thing of its own. ” When he didn‟t answer, she turned and strode for the door.

Truth be told, no one here listens to me, but I try. ” Mere-Glim persisted. ” the old man asked. “The island you Psijics come from,” Glim answered him. “It was removed from the world once. ” He nodded, more to himself, it seemed, than to Mere-Glim. ” he asked. “No,” Urvwen said, lowering his voice. “Something has been removed from another world. ” “I don‟t know. ” “It‟s too complicated to explain,” he sighed. “And even if you understood my explanation, it wouldn‟t help. Mundus—the world—is a very delicate thing, you know.

She went and stood with her hands braced on the bulward and looked out across the waters. They were sailing south, out of the bay, and then they would go west, along the mangroved coast of Black Marsh, until they reached the Topal Sea, and then they would turn north. Or she could throw herself in the water and swim what she guessed to be west, brave the sea-drakes, and with more luck than she deserved reach land. But by the time she made it back to Lil-moth, it would be too late. The city—or whatever it was—was supposed to arrive in the morning.

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