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This scarce antiquarian publication is a facsimile reprint of the unique. because of its age, it can comprise imperfections equivalent to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally vital, we've made it to be had as a part of our dedication for safeguarding, holding, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, prime quality, smooth variants which are precise to the unique paintings.

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In Eastern philosophy it is represented as the outbreathing and inbreathing of Brahma. It will be found in symbolical language in all the World Scriptures. ADAM " was because Adam ate the apple that I say, it was because of his claiming something for his own, and because of his I, Mine, Me, and the like. " (a) he was It is said, it lost, or fell. : Theologia Germanica. , XVIII, 3. (T. i, p. ) AN ANTHOLOGY OF MYSTICISM 18 " Whence Adam's imagination and earnest hunger arise, that he should eat of the evil and good, and live That is, his will departed out of the equal (his) own will.

H. P. Blavatsky. (B. 31, Vol. I, p. ) THE METAPHYSICAL ABSOLUTE " The rational Absolute is nothing but the extreme where we arbitrarily suspend causality, continuous point and successive magnitude, nothing but an artifice to arrest (a) the indefinite progression of our ideas/' E. Rec^jac. " (6) The concept of the Absolute as it (R. i, p. ) exists in the con- sciousness of the pure scholar or the pure logician, is the poorest of all in content. , p. ) " The Absolute, by this time, is no longer, in our eyes, (c) an abstraction, or limit, as it were, with which to define it is the supreme verbally the bounds of the knowable Unity which implies substantially all first principles, and which is, in its wholly active essence, Life, Reason, and Freedom.

Devoid of Once a Dharmak^ya, an Adept or Buddha leaves behind every possible relation with, or thought for this earth. " H. P. Blavatsky. The Voice of the Silence. * ; (B. 32, pp. ) " (o) The human simply because he being, is himself fragmentary and incomplete, has always this urge within himself to seek other and greater than himself. It is this that drives him back to the centre of his being, and it is this that forces him to take the path of return to the All- Ever, throughout the aeons, does the Prodigal Son to his Father, and always latent within him is the memory of the Father's home and the glory there to Self.

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