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An Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland is a political and highbrow biography of Sir Archibald Alison (1792-1867), historian, social critic, legal legal professional, and sheriff of Lanarkshire. the 1st writer to check the complete variety of Alison's writings and actions, Michael Michie finds an important hyperlink among the Scottish Enlightenment and Victorian conservatism. Michie argues that Alison's conservative principles have been deeply encouraged through the social and political considered the Scottish Enlightenment. He contends that Alison used to be the embodiment of the excessive Tory appropriation of the legacy of Adam Smith rather obvious within the trust that advertisement agrarian capitalist society was once the main acceptable shape for either the upkeep of order and the perform of advantage. constructing the advice conservative interpretation of the enlightened legacy used to be attainable for the succeeding century, Michie's learn deals an invaluable corrective to the obtained knowledge that Victorian Liberalism was once the real inheritor of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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The Rev. Archibald Alison, Sermons, n, sermon xvi, 331. 23. , u, sermon xn, 229-30. 24. , n, sermon x, 197. It may be that Alison was echoing Adam Ferguson here. Kettler ("History and Theory," 443) suggests that Ferguson took exception to what he saw as Smith's exclusive emphasis on the spectator and wished instead to contrast it with the attitude of the actor: "Ferguson takes up Smith's suggestion ... that agents playing some parts may govern themselves by the spectator's point of view. "25 Alison's sermons used categories of expression similar to those found in the devotional literature of the Moderates and in Adam Smith's ethical writings.

16. Duman is quoting Thomas Talfourd, a well-known legal authority and member of parliament: English and Colonial Bars, 90-1. H. Mackenzie, son of the author of The Man of Feeling, Henry Mackenzie. Alison would prepare court papers for Mackenzie and eventually got to present some of these under his own name, which he says were received favourably by judges, thus establishing his reputation. 17 A young advocate who had connections to landed property, and who could set out written arguments based on the often tortuous structure of Scottish land law, could flourish before the Court o Session.

In this he had a lot in common with Edmund Burke. " Burke above all valued his own industriousness and Alison too seems to have felt that sheer quantity of production must in some way compensate for the disadvantages of his "middling" rank. 70 politics, those of Fox and Grey; in political economy, Smith, Malthus, and Ricardo; and in "matters of taste" (which included the lamentable elevation of Dryden over Pope), Holland House and Lansdowne House. Here Alison lumps Smith together with Malthus and Ricardo, one of the few times, so far as I can tell, that he mentions David Ricardo.

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