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ANCIENT EGYPT AND THE NEAR EAST In this wall painting from the tomb of Tutankhamen, the pharaoh is welcomed into the land of the gods by the goddess Nut. tion of a great hall for the temple of Amon at Karnak, and in the city of Abydos, he built a magnificent temple of white limestone (decorated with delicately painted reliefs), dedicated to himself and the god Osiris. He was succeeded by his son Ramses II. Ramses II (ruled 1279–1213 BCE) continued his father’s attempts to regain control of parts of Africa and western Asia that had been held by Egypt in previous centuries.

The Late period Egypt remained under Nubian rule for almost 50 years, and it was a time of internal peace and prosperity. However, the might of Assyria had been growing since the ninth century, and in 671 BCE, the Assyrian king Esarhaddon invaded Egypt and took Memphis. For the next several years, campaigns were fought on Egyptian soil between Assyrians and Egyptian kings, but problems at home eventually forced the Assyrians to withdraw, leaving Psamtik I to inaugurate the 26th dynasty (664–525 BCE).

THE SUMERIANS Despite the grandeur of his reign, it was not Gudea but Utuhegal (ruled 2116–2112 BCE), king of Uruk, who succeeded in winning full independence from the Gutians. He inflicted a crushing defeat on the Gutians, not only annihilating the Gutian army but also destroying the boats in which the tribesmen had made their surprise raids. Freed from the Gutian scourge, southern Mesopotamia soon recovered from the economic paralysis caused by the invaders, and a feeling of Sumerian national pride emerged again.

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