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Quantity three of "Ancient files of Egypt" opens at the chaotic aftermath of King Akhenaten's non secular revolution. Breasted chronicles the precarious reigns of Akhenaten's successors and the political and criminal reforms of King Horemheb, who succeeded to the throne after the passing of the final individuals of the royal relations. This quantity comprises the $64000 edict of Horemheb, meant to avoid the oppressive abuses attached with the gathering of taxes from the typical humans, and the inscriptions of Roy, excessive priest of Amon, displaying the 1st transmission from father to son of the workplace of the excessive priest. within the context of a protracted heritage of mutilating and changing reliefs for political reasons, Breasted discusses the insertion right into a reduction of the determine of Ramesses II so as to make stronger his declare to the throne. This quantity additionally comprises the treaty of alliance that sealed peace with the Hittites lower than Ramesses II; a chain of records that list the invasion of Libyans and Mediterranean Sea humans in the course of the reign of Merneptah; and, the good Temple of Abu Simbel, the main notable of the rock-cut temples of Egypt. this primary entire paperback version of Breasted's five-volume "Ancient documents of Egypt" makes on hand to a brand new viewers a milestone in Egyptology and within the compilation of documentary histories. sincerely annotated for the lay reader, the records supply copious proof of alternate relatives, building actions, diplomatic envoys, overseas expeditions, and different features of a full of life, hugely prepared, and centrally managed society. Breasted's remark is either conscientiously documented and obtainable, suffused with a contagious fascination for the occasions, the personalities, the cultural practices, and the sophistication those files point out.

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13. I 1-'' He was sent as royal messenger as far as Aton 1 no land stood before him; 4he captured it shines, coming 3r in the passing of a moment. His name shall be remembered in sthe land of r- - -1 He sailed northward. Behold, his majesty 6appeared upon a dais (used) at the bringingC in of tribute 'and the [tribute] sof south and north was brought in. gBehold, the prince, IOHarmhab, triumphant, '"stood by the side of IV. B R I T I S H MUSEUM FRAGMENTS 14. These monuments are chiefly of a religious nature, but the movement of Ikhnaton was so largely religious that "Zeitschrift jiir ayptische Sprach,e, 38, 49, 50.

P. and taketh the craft of any citizen (C nb) of the army or of any person who is in the whole land, the law shall be executed against him, in that his nose shall be cut off, and he shall be sent to T h a [ r ~ ] . ~ IV. AGAINST ROBBING THE POOR OF WOOD DUE THE PHARAOH (LL. 17, 18) 52. PFurthermore, concerning the impost of wood, my majesty commands that if any officer find]] 18a poor man without a craft, then let him bring to him a craft for his impost from another, and let him send him to bring for him the wood; thus hec shall serve [the Pharaoh].

38, 47. "$5 637 ff. .. 1 TOMB OF HARMHAB 7 an interesting parallel to the similar favor shown to Abraham and the kindred of Joseph. I I . These seven lines read : Asiatics; others have been placed in their abodes they have been destroyed, and their town laid waste, and fire has been thrown 3 Pthey have come to entreatq the Great in Strength to send his mighty sword before 4 . Their countries are starving, they live like goats of the mountain, [their] childrenc -5 saying: "A few of the Asiatics, who knew not how they should live, have come 6[rbeggling [ra home in the domainld of Pharaoh, L.

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