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Makes a speciality of the tip of the self-governed period of old Egyptian civilization. This identify comprises the inscriptions from the Medinet Habu Temple, essentially the most thoroughly preserved temples of Egypt, and the good Papyrus Harris, the most important (133 toes lengthy) and so much luxurious papyrus extant.

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IYear 5,a first month of the third season (ninth month) under the majesty of King Ramses '111, L. P. , beloved of all gods, given life forever and ever. Expeditionb which his majesty, L. P. , made by the overseer of the White House, Setemhab, for "The-House (h't)-of-Millions-of-Years-ofKing - Usermare - Meriamon- in - the - House (9~)-of- A m ~ n , "to~ do the work on the monuments in "The-House-of-Millions-of-Years-of-KingUsermare-Meriamon-in-the-)Eouse-of-Amon,"c in western Thebes. Men of the army who were under his commandd 2,000 men Quarrymen 5me men Large transports (wsb) which were under his commandd 40 1-' ships 4 soofmen Total, various persons 3,000 TWO other inscriptions were left beside the above, by the same official at the same time: 20.

Had these wars been reported in the sober and intelligible style of Thutmose 111's Annals, we should have known much of them which it is now safe to say we shall never know. It is difficult to describe the character of these Medinet Habu inscriptions. Perhaps, under the influence of the Kadesh poem, it has now become impossible to narrate a war or a victory of the Pharaoh in 21. achampollion, Notices descriptives, I, 255 -Lepsius, Denkmder, VI, 23, No. 6. bchampollion, Notices descriptives, has I, having omitted the hook at the top of the stroke given by Lepsius, which converts the sign into 5, as in the fist inscription ($19).

BOn "iters," see 11, 9651. 19, note; he means the distances attained with his wings would demand millions of years to cover with ordinary means of locomotion. J 26 TWENTIETH DYNASTY: RAMSES I11 [9 47 the boundary, raging - r-3, whose right arm Qis thrust into the fray, slaying hundreds of thousands in their place under his horses; he sees the thick of the multitude like grasshoppers, smitten, ground down, 64crushed like E-1; strong-horned, relying upon his strength, before whom hundred-thousands and ten-thousands are despised.

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