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1914. Contents: issues of View; Mysteries and their knowledge; Greek Sages prior to Plato; knowledge of the Mysteries and fantasy; knowledge of Egypt; Gospels; Apocalypse; Jesus His historic heritage; St. Augustine and the Church.

The Science of the Rishis: The Spiritual and Material - download pdf or read online

An entire advent to Sanatana Dharma, the religious technological know-how of the Hindu sages • Examines what number center techniques of Hinduism, together with Brahman, Atman, bhakti, karma, and reincarnation, relate to fashionable technological know-how • Explores the medical discoveries of the rishis, old Vedic sages, and the way they've got just recently been rediscovered by way of Western scientists • finds the innovations of quantum physics hidden in the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Puranas referred to as “the scientists of Hinduism,” the rishis of historical India have been the scribes of the Vedas.

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This e-book takes the reader on a phenomenal trip via a variety of cultures and traditions to ascertain the phenomenon of ecstatic visionary experiences—from Sumerian Gilgamesh and the Taoist Immortals to the inventive fiction of Jorge Luis Borges. the writer presents a entire journey of otherworldly trips universal from immemorial instances between shamans, magicians, and witches, and illustrates their reference to such sleek phenomena as altered states of cognizance, out-of-body reviews, and near-death reviews.

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You will understand why I must resort to this stratagem,” he began, obviously tense. “I wish to avoid publicity. The truth is this: my name is Dominic Matei. On January 8 I reached the age of seventy. I was instructor in Latin and Italian at Lycée Alexandru Ion Cuza in Piatra Neamt¸, where I now reside. I live on strada Episcopiei at No. 18. ” exclaimed the Professor, after taking a deep breath. He looked at the patient again, somewhat frightened it seemed. “I believe it will not be hard for you to verify my story.

He listened, surprised and yet serene. “Then, my situation is graver than I had imagined,” he said. “But since, for the time being, there is no other solution . ” “A solution will be found, in time,” the Professor interrupted. “I must add, so that you may be better informed, that you are, and have been from the beginning, under the supervision of Security. That is why an outfit was procured for you in which you would not dare go out on the 43 street because you would be arrested immediately. Neither would you dare to circulate in the city in that ‘cassock,’ the uniform of the clinic, which is, in fact, rather elegant.

They would ask him. ” As a matter of fact he knew, in those days before the War, that by spending what little funds he had left on expensive books and study trips, he was obliged to remain a teacher there, in the lycée, and that consequently a good part of his time 25 would be wasted with preparing lessons. For a long time Latin and Italian had ceased to interest him; he would have liked, if it had been possible, to give himself over to the history of civilization or to philosophy. ” “Habe nun ach!

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