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Brady was quick, strong, shrewd. The Major needed that kind of man to act as his chief of scouts. Brady knew that as well as he himself did. That meant Brady was either angling for something, or was really serious about giving up his contract and going oflF to start his wilderness horse ranch. The major snorted. '' Brady shrugged. He walked to the open window and turned around. "I've got a bad case of conscience right now, Ma-]or. " "You and I both know why Inyo jumped the reservation and why most of his band followed him.

This is purely gossip, third-hand at best. " The major seemed to grow abruptly conscious of the severity with which he was twisting the point of his mustache; he dropped his hand self-consciously to the desk top and let it He there. " "I've had a few words with her from time to time," Harris said. " Harris realized he was giving answers that were ambiguous. He tightened his fists at his sides and felt his jaw creep forward. Major Cole looked down and picked at a fingernail. "It would be improper of me to pry further, I think.

Harris's lean frame moved with the stiffness of a long journey. His voice was an unhurried Virginia drawl: "We went up the Smoke to Tilghley's Ford and made a swing around through Spanish Flat. No sign of Apaches up that way. We came back along the foothills of the Arrowheads, and two mornings ago we came onto a bunch of hoofprints. Unshod horses. We followed the trail and at noon we found Vic Manter's wagon. " The major nodded. " Harris said. "The wagon was burned to charcoal. They'd staked Manter out over an anthill.

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