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By Edith W. Watts, Edith A. Watts

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This accomplished boxed package deal contains summaries of old Egyptian background and artwork, lesson plans and school room actions.

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Free enterprise not really being known in ancient Egypt, craftsmen and artists were dependent on an institution such as the royal household, a temple, or the household of a dignitary to provide the raw materials, place of work, and the directives as to what works had to be created. The workshops—as with everything in Egypt—were hierarchically structured with assistants and apprentices under the supervision of foremen and master craftsmen. But there was also division of labor. The relief decoration of a tomb, for instance, was first started by a designer/draftsman who would determine the general layout and draw the outlines of the figures.

Canopic Jar Lid in the shape of a royal woman’s head (Poster B) Thebes, Tomb 55, Valley of the Kings, Dynasty 18, Late reign of Akhenaten (ca. 54 Theodore M. Davis Collection, Bequest of Theodore M. Davis, 1915 See slide 22 for the description and viewing notes. Suggested Poster activities are on pages 145—146. Suggested Poster activities are on pages 145—146. 64 Slide Descriptions The works of art in the slides are arranged in three groups: slides 1–15, photographs of Museum excavations and related artworks; slides 16–29, royal art and images of deities; and slides 30–40, tomb equipment and ritual objects.

At the sides of this pectoral are figures of Anubis as a jackal wearing the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt and holding empowering scepters. Beneath the protective wings of Nut, vertical and horizontal yellow bands (again representing gold) cover the white mummy wrapping. On the center band hieroglyphs read: “Recitation by the Osiris, housemistress and chantress of Amun-Re, king of the gods, Henettawy, justified, who says: ‘O my mother Nut! ’” In the rectangular spaces between the bands Henettawy in a rich golden garment shakes a sistrum and prays to Osiris (the two uppermost scenes), the four sons of Horus stand behind altars with offerings (middle scenes), and Anubis, god of the cemetery and mummification, holds empowering scepters in the bottom scenes.

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