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By Albert Uderzo

ISBN-10: 0752847759

ISBN-13: 9780752847757

When anyone leaves a bit boy in a basket outdoor Asterix and Obelix’s hut, it’s Gauls and a toddler! even though Asterix and Obelix have extra event whopping legionnaires than diapering babies, they do their most sensible. additionally new to childcare: the sneaky Prefect of Gaul, Crismus Cactus, who’s masquerading as a nursemaid. Why do the Romans wish this child? And, what plot is the treacherous Brutus hatching opposed to Caesar? Asterix needs to discover.

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Why must you sit outside the walls of grand Memphis, so far away from your women and your beds? As night wore on, the wine took its toll over the guards’ alertness. Finally, too drunk to hear even a horde of trumpeting elephants, the guards fell into a deep slumber. It was time for Akhenta to reclaim his brother’s body. I promised you an afterlife, Brother. Once more, the pharaoh’s plan had been foiled. Once more, Akhenta had beaten the great Rhampsinitus at his own game. As for the guards charged with keeping a watch over the body… 43 …they received a rather rude awakening.

I will be with Father, and I will see you when you arrive on Ra’s boat… Forgive me, Brother. 33 It is the only way. Akhenta ended the life of his brother Khnepus. Following his brother’s plan, Akhenta gingerly gathered up his brother’s head for the funeral rites. He also stripped away his brother’s clothing that could be used to identify him. Akhenta then left the pharaoh’s vault without a trace, save for the unidentifiable body of his brother... I am sorry, Brother. I love you. and disappeared into the night.

Everything seemed as it always did. Both brothers were there for more gold to help their family. They thought the pharaoh was still unaware of their pilfering. They were wrong. 30 Nekhatbi, under the order of the pharaoh, had made a trap to catch the thief! Khnepus! Are you alright? Ra’s staff! Hold on! Hold on! Aaargh... RRRGGGHH! It won’t-urng-budge! Crocodiles... aren’t this strong. Brother. Brother, stop. You need to listen to me. Obviously, we underestimated Rhampsinitus. He must have figured out someone was stealing from him.

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