Download e-book for iPad: Atlas of the Ultrastructure of Diseased Human Muscle by W G P Mair and F M S Tomé (Auth.)

By W G P Mair and F M S Tomé (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0443008310

ISBN-13: 9780443008313

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No basement membrane separates the individual myocardial cells within the group. Well-formed myofibrils, some cut obliquely and some longitudinally, display distinct Z-lines and A - and 1-bands and they lie mainly at the periphery of the muscle fibres, the more central parts of which contain a large amount of glycogen granules and fairly numerous mitochondria. Some fibres contain rounded osmophilic bodies. Parts of the Golgi apparatus and parallel arrays of rough endoplasmic reticulum are present in some cells.

The peripheral filaments appear to be continuous with the myofilaments of the myofibrils: a lighter halo separates the electron dense central part from the myofilaments. These bodies occur in denervation atrophy of muscle, inflammatory conditions of muscle (Shafiq, Milhorat and Gorycki, 1967a, and Macdonald and A. G. Engel, 1969), dystrophia myotonica (Schroeder and Adams, 1968) and muscular dystrophy (Macdonald and A. G. Engel, 1969). They are illustrated in denervation and in muscular dystrophy in Plate 27.

The axon contains numerous neurofilaments. MAGNIFICATION 18,000 x . LOWER RIGHT. Besides a myelinated nerve (top right) the nerve fascicle may contain unmyelinated axons as seen in the nucleated Schwann cell in the centre. Bundles of collagen fibres may be surrounded by the processes of these Schwann cells containing unmyelinated axons. A large amount of collagen surrounds the Schwann cell: a fibroblast and related collagen lie at the bottom of the illustration. MAGNIFICATION 26,000 Ax BM C F MF MN x.

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